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Re:cognition Health ClinicRe:Cognition Health provides a comprehensive and innovative clinical approach to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cognitive impairment, which is the medical term for problems with any aspect of thinking ability. Problems can include all the various types of memory, interpreting the world around you, organising, problem solving, speaking and language, decision making, calculating ability and many other processes that normally happen subconsciously. 

Nationally and internationally recognised leaders have come together to provide a unique patient-centred approach which draws on the experience of cognitive neurologists, psychiatrists, neuro-psychiatrists, neuro-radiologists, neuro-psychologists, specialist nurses, neuro-physiotherapists, neuro-speech and language therapists, and neuro-occupational therapists all working together for your benefit.

To find out more about the symptoms and causes of cognitive impairment, click here

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